Parameters to be followed to fill 45 Posts of Peons in the Department of Cooperation
Dates fixed for evaluation/verification of certificates to fill up 45 posts of peons
Dates fixed for the interview to fill up posts of Inspector/ Jr.Office Assistant (IT) reserved for Handicapped/Visually impaired.

Welcome to Co-operative Department

      The Department of Cooperation was established in 1948 immediately after the formation of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The main objective of the Department has been to eliminate exploitation of common man by middlemen and money lenders by ensuring credit facilities to farmers at low rate of interest through Cooperative institutions. The focus is on amelioration of the socio-economic conditions of the people. It also envisages enabling empowerment for people to come together for constituting organizations for mutual benefit, build up synergies and drive economic benefits.


Hon'ble Minister's Message   Secretary Says:
       The Co-operative Societies are the fundamental units of democracy and self reliance. The stage of Cooperative movement in a State thus, reflects the level of democratic ideals in political governance. Himachal Pradesh has pioneered in Co-operative movement in 1904 and now with 4500 Societies it reflects the public sentiment in self governance over the years.
       The Department of Cooperation has come out with a dedicated and interactive web-site for the use of public as well as other Govt. departments.
       My best wishes to the Department of Cooperation and the Cooperatives of the State..

                                          Cooperation Minister
Himachal Pradesh



         The Department of Cooperation ever since its inception has shown great responsibility towards public service. From the level of preliminary non-credit Primary Cooperative Societies, the Cooperative movement in the State has developed into multifaceted structure of credit institutions viz Cooperative Banks and Federations.

         With the launch of the dedicated and function specific web-site, the Department of Cooperation has made another endeavor to reach to the public and provide them platform for general information of the department.

         The site will provide the maximum information which the public would like to know about the Department and the Co-operative Societies.

                                                                                    Secretary (Cooperation)
to the Govt. of H.P.